Operational Issues


Dr. Jerman
Although job stress is not unique to the military, it is fairly common among service members. Dr. Phillips, can you tell us about work-related stress in the military?

Dr. Phillips
Sure, Dr. Jerman. There can be many sources of stress at work, and when members are unable to leave work-related stress behind when they go home, it can lead to fatigue and poor health. Common sources of work stress can include:

  • Nature of the work
  • Work overload or long hours
  • Lack of job challenge
  • TDYs and deployment
  • Conflict with supervisors or coworkers
  • New job position or career field
  • Role ambiguity or role conflicts
  • Job conflicts with family roles
  • Exposure to harassment
  • Unsafe job environment
  • Poor physical work conditions, for example, excessive noise, extreme temperatures, or poor ergonomic design
  • Traumatic events
  • Inadequate training or resources
  • Frequent changes in work hours, responsibilities, or conditions
  • Fear of job loss or disciplinary action, and
  • Being promoted or passed over for promotion